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    From Nature’s Way to Health
    “Disease is a lifeless thing,
    You are with life,
    You are embracing the disease,
    But the disease cannot embrace you,
    Become an Atmavan leave the disease”
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    Nature Cure Hospital
    Naturopathy is a science and art of drugless system of healing
    for healthy living.It teaches us how we should live, what we should
    eat and how our daily routine should be. Its main emphasis is to
    change the living habits of people and educate them to adopt
    healthy lifestyle. It is simple and easy to practice.
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    Mud Therapy
    Mud is a part of our body as human body is made
    up of five elements Air, Water, Earth, Fire & Space.
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    Yoga for Good Health
    Health The yoga mat is a good place to turn when
    talk therapy and antidepressants aren't enough.
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    Dr. Vegiraju Gopalaraju, B.N.Y.S
    Mobile: 9949882765
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Complete Solution for all Diseases.

In today's fast growing technological and scientific world, the developments in healthcare sector is not an exception. It has made some of the most amazing advances in the recent times. But the irony is that health consciousness itself has been forgotten. People are ready to spend lots of money for all kinds of treatment but rarely few are willing to spend little time to prevent illness. The upcoming concept among all is that while suffering from disease, the costliest artificial treatments will provide cure. In fact, all they need to do is to trust nature and their own body to cure by itself. A mere intake of medicines or following a short-term disease management programme cannot uproot ailments from the human system. What you need is the lifestyle knowledge taught by us, so that your body can stay healthy over the long term. Naturopathy draws lessons from nature and teaches you to mould your own habits and daily routines along healthy lines.

-- Bhimavaram --
At the Prakruthi Ashramam,
  • Our vision is to make you aware that 'Health' - losing it, regaining it, maintaining it is within your own hold.
  • We believe in nature's powers and make sure you are healed by it. Stay with us and learn the simplest ways to stay healthy.
  • OurTake home natural lifestyle and therapies that can be easily practised and also taught to other family members. You will see the amazing change that can be brought in the shortest of times.
Book yourself into Prakruthi Ashramam for a break. We have two qualified Naturopathy and yoga physicians, Dr. Gopal Raju and Dr. Shanmugavalli who will diagnose your ailments, prescribe suitable treatments, and supervise your overall physical and psychological wellbeing. We provide male and female qualified therapists also on attendance.

Dr.Gopalaraju, B.N.Y.S Smt. Sridevi, M.C.A
For availing benefits of Naturopathy, admission is required in the Institute. An application containing all medical details should be sent to us.

Send your request to
91-99492 22744
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R.Gangadhara Rao:

Treatment excellent, Staff nice, good service, serene atmosphere. I enjoyed the stay in this hospital. I never forget the service of the doctor thanks a lot.


Really wonderful at the time of joining my weight was 101.5kgs at the time of leaving my weight was 97kgs after 5days fasting I felt very happy, I got good confidence on my life. The hospitality was excellent and the staffs were very cooperative and good care taking and also the climate was very cool and quiet.

G.V.S.D.Kiran mai:

WEIGHT: Before 99.3 stayed for 20days After weight:90kgs
It was very good and very nice treatment and the staff and doctors service is very good. I don't feel like leaving this place. It is like my home.


This ashram as the name prakruthi is, it is very peaceful and surrounding are scenic and beautiful. I really got recharged from this nature I enjoyed the birds sounds and the sunrise and the sunset. Yoga and pranayama helped me a lot to make my mind calm. Doctors and staff are very caring made us feel at home. Thank you everyone.

T.Ajay babu:

Service is very good. Everyone must visit please.

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